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Nationwide Riots - what should you be doing?


Nationwide Riots - what should you be doing?

Report immediately! And liaise with Baker Jayne & your Insurers

So what should you be doing?

Respond immediately and notify Baker Jayne of any potential claim, and we can agree the process with you.  If an Insurer agrees anything outside of the policy wording/riot protocol we will advise you accordingly.

An ancillary issue could be alarm faults and the ability of BT or other phone contractors to respond. In some instances Police advice to BT and other contractors has been not to attend to issues within affected areas. Again our recommendation is to speak to Baker Jayne to understand any potential impact on your insurance cover.          

Given the immediacy and changing nature of the situation and the number of Insurers, it is impractical to issue all the guidance or updates that may be issued. As above we would strongly recommend contacting us directly or accessing their websites where you have specific questions.

·         Click here to read an article from Aviva which contains a good summary of how the Riot Damages Act applies and also how Insurer policy wordings are linked to this.

·         Allianz also provides sound risk management advice that you may want to refer to. Click here to read the article.


Please advise us immediately of any given situation you may have concerns with.